What is a "look"?

A 'look' refers to an outfit change or major hair/makeup change that changes the role type you are achieving. It's best to think of each "look" as a way to showcase a different side of you, or a different type that you can play. *This does NOT mean one expression*

Taking a jacket, glasses, earrings, necklace on/off, or hair up/down does not constitute as a look change.

What are 'Branding' images for actors?

Branding images help the industry see and learn a little more about you that your headshots cannot capture alone. They are a way of capturing what your unique essence and brand as a human is. They can be anything from portraits, to full body. Branding sessions are offered ‘on location’, meaning you choose the location you want to shoot at! You are welcome to bring your own props and ideas. Pricing of a Branding session is based off of several factors, including travel involved, no. of looks, and any assistants needed. Whether you're an actor, singer, writer, blogger... branding shoots are designed to be fun, exploratory, creative, and expressive of your unique self!

How many looks are offered in a headshot session?

In New York City, you are able to book either a one look update headshot session, or up to 4 looks are included in the main headshot package. The One Look Update session is NOT recommended for those just starting out, or those that are new in the industry. This package is much better suited to those who have headshots and are looking to build their books, or have had a recent appearance change. If you are new to headshots, we highly recommend investing in your headshots and preparing your books with more than one look.

 In Los Angeles, you are able to book either 1 look, 2 looks, or 3 looks.

Do I need to have my make up professionally done?

Hiring a professional makeup artist is not required, but HIGHLY recommended. Our team of artists are familiar with our lighting and style of working. Hiring a professional MUA can drastically cut back on retouching wait times.

It is important to note, every client displayed on my website has had their hair and makeup done by a member of my team.

How much does hiring a makeup artist cost?

In New York City, an optional hair and makeup artist can be booked for your session, women's hair and makeup is $275 for three hours, or $250 for just makeup for three hours. Men's grooming and complexion is $200 for two and a half hours. Artists can be booked for additional time if necessary, they are $75 for each additional hour. When booking, select '+ Hair and Makeup'. Initial Women’s hair and makeup takes approx. 60 to 90 minutes. Initial Men’s Grooming takes approx. 45 min. Payment is due at the time of your shoot. Artists accept cash only.

In Los Angeles, since I work entirely outdoors, we recommend booking a session with GLAMSQUAD before your shoot begins. Or, we can also recommend Lauren Urasek, www.laurenUmakeup.com. Please inquire within for details. 

Can I hire an outside stylist?

Outside stylists may be booked for Los Angeles Headshots, and Brand Photography Sessions only. 

In New York City, after countless less-than-great experiences, using makeup artists outside of our recommended artists is prohibited. However, you may use an outside hair stylist if you desire one. We audit our artists carefully. If you'd like to read testimonials on our artists and our working relationships together, please check out the About Emily page!

What do I need to bring with me/wear to my headshot session?

Once you have made your appointment, I'll send you a detailed confirmation email that will contain all the information you will need to prepare for your session. This will include, suggestions to wear, what to bring, where and what time to meet and more. If you have any questions after receiving this email, please feel free to get in touch and let me know! I'll be happy to answer them! If this is your first time to have your photos professionally done, please indicate that in your booking email and I will send you additional detailed information for your session so you feel confident and comfortable before your shoot begins! Also, have a look at my blog where I talk about headshot wardrobe in detail!... http://getcalledin.tumblr.com/

We recommend Jessica Myhr with Inherent Style, if you are seeking more advice/help with preparation for your session: http://www.inherentstyle.com