Originally from Austin, TX, I moved to NYC following booking a recurring role as an actor on a TV show that happened to be canceled right after I made my move. Which actually ended up being the best luck I could have had, because it's now why I am doing the best job I could ask for!  Funny how those things work out.

I received my degree in Acting in Liverpool, England from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, however, I've been a painter and sketch artist since my teens. I love Tex-Mex, I am a 'dog person' (but seem to be drawn to 'cat people' all the same), I'm a perfectionist, I love art, Scifi movies and television shows are my favorite, (I also love to geek out about lots of nerdum things, just ask me...), and in general, I love what I do.

Feel free to meet me for a coffee if you'd like to hear more, or follow me at the links below! OR if you'd like to tell me about you, and let's see if we would work well together!


Emily is voted as one of the top five NYC Headshot Photographers according to Backstage magazine. Her clients have appeared in many Broadway, Off-Broadway, Regional and National Touring shows, many films and such TV shows as Iron Fist, Orange is the New Black, Cloak and Dagger, Jessica Jones, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Daredevil. Her work has also been seen on 'The Today Show' and many publications including Fight Master Magazine, Buzzfeed, Refinery 29, Marie Claire, Metro NY, Vrij Nederland, and the cover of Yoga and Health magazine.


What others are saying...

Emily Lambert is the most reliable, creative photographer we have ever worked with. Her shots invariably produce more auditions for the clients who use her. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the work she does.
— Josselyne Herman, Manager/Producer (JHA Management)
...just sayin’.... love them all.... wow.
— Doriane Elliot, Casting Director
Hello Emily,
I wanted to shoot you a quick email because my client Charmaine Reedy dropped by the office to rave about her recent session with you so I wanted to say thank you for continually producing such great final products for all of my clients and friends I have referred your way...
Looking forward to sending more clients your way in the near future...
Hope to talk to you sometime soon.
— Alexander Driscoll, Manager (Ingrid French Management)
I just wanted to let you know that I am getting incredible feedback about my headshots. Fellow actors have either told me how good they were or asked me where I got them. At the Agent Night every single agent in the room (including agents from Abrams, Avalon, and CESD) LOVED them, and said they looked like me (which is SO important)! I already had two different casting directors from prominent casting agencies in the city rave about them... got really great feedback from the CBS Vice President of Casting. A director I worked with previously mentioned how he noticed my new headshots and proceeded to offer me a role in a paid short film which I accepted.
Every time I look at them they make me so happy.
Thank you so much!!! Hope you’re doing well!
— Ariel Kim, Actress
AMAZING! OMG! They’re amazing and gorgeous and SOOOOOOOOOO much better than the headshots we were using (for our clients)! SO GOOD!
— Nicole Astell, Manager (Prestige Management)
What kind of magician are you?!
We knew we were getting rid of the glamour headshot (I had), but it is officially pronounced dead & 6ft under. Didn’t even stand a chance, poor thing!
These proofs are so AH-MAZING, phenomenal, outstanding, stupendous, out of this world, awesome sauce, the bomb.com, I CAN’T EVEN!!!!
I can’t wait to show these superbly smashing snapshots to the world.
Thanks Emily!!! You. Da. Best!!
— Dani Bryan, Actress
Emily is my ‘Number 1’ go to headshot photographer.
Her energy and love for what she does is infectious and makes the day an absolute pleasure.
She is an expert at capturing exactly what the actor/management is looking for without letting the day become restrictive and goal orientated. Thank you!
— Jeanna de Waal, Kinky Boots, Broadway
I was on the phone with my agent this morning and he said to me, “These new headshots were the best decision ever,” as I’ve been getting called in for more and more projects lately.
Just had to tell you. Agents have a picky eye, so you know it’s good news when they genuinely compliment them! Thanks again! :)
— Mackenzie Dudzik, Actress
Emily and Brad,
I tried to go to bed, but I just couldn’t do it without first telling you both how amazingly happy I am with my photos. I opened the gallery and about cried...They are so beautiful...artistic and real! It’s me...within every picture, I recognize myself. My expression, my thoughts, my face-it’s all there. Brad, you made me look exquisite. The effort and artistry is so clear, and the best part, is that it doesn’t get in the way. I look like me!!! The makeup never distracts from the photo, it only enhances. I wish I could have you with me all the time!!! And Emily. To say that you captured me is an understatement beyond measure. Browsing the photos, it felt like I’d been freed instead of captured. How you were able to coax, then catch the most minute changes in thought as they moved across my face is amazing. In my humble opinion, you are a master. You and Brad both. I showed my husband one picture, and he said, “Wow, that’s one great headshot.” Then I told him to scroll. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing...the number of fantastic pictures blew his mind. He loved too many to choose. As you predicted, this is the predicament I happily find myself in. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Cristala Wright, Actress
Thank you so very much! I love them and I’m so excited to put them to work.
I’ve been using your headshots and EVERYONE who sees them thinks they are the most beautiful images ever. They have also really made me so confident. I have felt so ready for every audition and excited for this new journey of “post grad actor life” and I never knew headshots could do that, so THANK YOU! It was a pleasure working with you and I can’t wait to see what other magic you cook up!
— Amanda Morris, Actress
If you’re in need of some new headshots, RUN, don’t walk, to Emily Lambert. She might just be the most talented photographer in town...
— Josephine Rose Roberts, Rock of Ages, Broadway
Hey girl hey!
Hope you’ve had a lovely summer and are enjoying this beeeeeautiful weather. I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much your incredible shots have done for me over the last 6 weeks.
After a very difficult year and a very difficult summer, I finally had my retouched shots printed, and sent out a small, targeted mailing to update some people’s files. A week later, I was called in for an immediate Broadway replacement, an invited dance call for Cirque de Soleil, and got a call for a meeting with an agent. A week after that, I signed with that wonderful agency (Judy Boals, Inc.). A week after that, I got sent on two auditions - my first two as an official client - one being an equity first national tour, and the other being a film. I booked both. So, before rehearsals start for the Bridges of Madison County national tour, I’ll be taking my SAG card doing a film in October!
I credit your amazing talents at capturing true personality and life on film to helping me take my career to a complete and utter different level. For that, I can’t thank you enough. You (and Brad!) made my entire day such a breeze, and that comfort definitely comes through in the best headshots I have ever had - and the proof is in the pudding. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
All the best, and for the record, I refer you to EVERYONE.
— Lucy Horton, Actress
Hey Emily Lambert!
I just wanted to say thank you, again! As soon as you sent me my edited shots, I sent them to a TV and Film agent and we signed THE VERY NEXT DAY. And I have been going out and booking commercials NON STOP.
Your artistry changed everything. I am so grateful to you and Virna Acosta for your incredible spirit, attitude and guidance at my shoot. You are more than what you do. You are awesome people!
I will never shoot with anyone else again. You have my word!!
— Perri Lauren, Actress
Emily and Brad,
I cannot thank you enough for not only the incredible headshots, but for such a wonderful experience working with the both of you. You truly have a special thing going and I am so happy that I had the chance to work with you. I am so excited to get these photos out in the world and I am so appreciative of both of your talents and warmth.
Thank you thank you thank you!
With love,
— Rachel Warren, Actress
Emily, thanks again. My agent, she LOVE, LOVE, LOVE’S your work. You are a rockstar!!!
— Bryant Carroll, Actor
AHHHHH!!! I love them SOOO much! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you! You’re hilarious, fun, and made me feel like a million bucks!
— Allyson Jean Malandra, Actress
Hey Emily!!
I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had today and what an amazing experience it was to work with you! You are such an amazing person and incredible energy to be around and so incredibly talented! I’m so beyond excited about the pics and how today went and can’t thank you enough for everything!! Thank you for being so wonderful and taking so much time, and for giving me this shoot date!..and for the advice on the website too...going to delete those pics on the website now! Hahaha It was literally a perfect experience and perfect day..so lucky even with the amazing weather! It was just such a pleasure to spend the day working with you and you made it such a comfortable and fun experience...I feel inspired and excited after working with you and I’m excited to eventually do a branding shoot with you too!...Love the Disney connection and all the amazing stories too :-)
Talk to you soon and hope you have a great rest of your night...and again, I can’t thank you enough for everything...so grateful it all worked out! Talk to you soon!
Katie :-)
— Katie McCarty, Actress
Hey Emily and Brad -
I just wanted to thank both of you again for a great shoot yesterday! I didn’t know getting headshots could turn into such a fun day, but it did! Emily you are so good at directing and making me feel comfortable and powerful behind the lens, and Brad the makeup you did was flawless, so vibrant but still very natural and felt like “me.” And you’re both a pleasure to be around. I will be recommending you to all my actor friends.
Have a great shoot today!
— Jenna Bosco, Actress
Dear Emily and Brad,
I just wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful shoot this Saturday, you are fantastic to work with and made me open up and feel so comfortable! I wish you both a wonderful week!
— Ilinca Tuvene, Actress
They work! I got contacted by an agent on Casting Networks a day after changing my headshots on my profile. You are the best!
— Joseph Bartolotta, Actor
Hi Emily and Brad,
Thank you again for an amazing shoot yesterday! You’re both such incredible individuals!
I came in to the studio feeling nervous and unsure but Brad, your reassuring warmth and Emily’s infectious enthusiasm (and strange cat noises) helped me remember why I was there - to get clean, effortless headshots that best represent me: a strong, successful, capable woman. Thank you for that. I cannot wait to see what we, as a team, achieved yesterday... I’d love to work with you again!
Take care,
— Gulshan Mia, Actress
Emily you are UNBELIEVABLE. Thank you for making me feel so incredibly beautiful. These pictures are stunning. I seriously can’t thank you or Brad enough... THANK YOU THANK YOU
— Caroline Lellouche, Actress
I want to thank you so much for such a great experience getting my pictures taken yesterday. I can not (and WILL NOT) stop raving about you and Brad and the whole experience!! 😀
I was so nervous going into it, just because I wanted to make sure I was fully prepared, but you and Brad immediately put me at ease, and I really felt at home as soon as I arrived.
And then the actual photo shoot! I felt so great and I really trusted you. I loved that you said you’d be that mirror for me and I wouldn’t have to think! It was so helpful. And I really felt like I could exist in each of the looks and be there comfortably. I felt so well taken care of and really supported. It was so awesome!!!
I could go on and on, but seriously, I want to thank you so much for a wonderful experience and I’m so excited to see the images when they’re ready!!
Thank you thank you!
— Courtney Spiller, Actress
These look amazing. Thank you so much Emily, I had such a wonderful experience with you and it is one I won’t forget. I’ll make sure to let everyone know your the best around and if I ever need more photos taken in the future I know where to go. Once again thanks so much.
— Julian Garcia, Actor
Emily, I went on your page to “like” it and I saw one of those shoots from DUMBO-I l love it! Working with you was better than I could have imagined! Thanks so much for everything!
— Joella Jones, Performer
Thank you so much for going above and beyond, Emily! Really can’t tell you how fun this was compared to other headshot experiences. It’s hard to let go sometimes because the brain just wants to thinks about the results, but you were great at pulling me back into the moment and pointing out things to improve. Can’t wait to see the results.
— Mari Meyer, Actor/Instructor- Stella Adler
Thank you so much! I was actually recently contacted by Abrams Artist Agency about modeling work... had a meeting with the head of print and commercial division and they are sending me on an audition this Tuesday!... I’m so excited that thing are moving now! Oh! And also another modeling agency contacted me because of the photos I sent in and they signed me for a non-binding contract for Hampton Models Agency. Ahhh I’m so excited to hopefully get some work (knock on wood). You and your photos are what got me into the doors of these places, so I thank you!
— Greg S., Actor/Model
Hey ladies, just getting home from my day, and I wanted to give you both the most heartfelt thanks I could imagine. My experience today was BY FAR the best headshot session I’ve ever had. Your level of professionalism and easiness created the perfect environment for me to really shine, and I couldn’t have gotten the shots we got today without your amazing work. I’m so excited to see the collection!
Thanks again for such a great day. I can’t wait to stay in touch pass more business your way, and for our paths to cross again!
— Laura Bogdanski, Actress
By far the best head shot experience I have had in NYC. Thanks Emily!
— Hannah T., Actress
Oh my goodness you’re a star. I’m overly obsessed with these thank you so much!
(one month later)
Emily!! Just wanted to thank you again for the edited headshots! I got a phone call on Monday morning and have booked a job on Royal Caribbean Cruises as a dancer (hoooooray!) So thanks for making me look fierce and employable haha! Anyways, hope everything’s great with you! Lots of love! X
— Zanza S., Dancer
It’s been about six months since our headshot session, and I just wanted to thank you for some amazing photographs! Your shots constantly get complimented by casting directors and other actors.

The other day, I was sitting in the hallway of Pearl Studios before an audition, and I had my headshot and resume next to me [...]. A casting director for a different project than the one I was auditioning for came up to me, picked up my headshot, and gushed about it. He ended up taking that copy, and we’ve been in contact about a web series he’s working. Your shots have gotten me called in to many more TV/web based TV and film auditions, and have definitely assisted in my transition from strictly theater actor to multifaceted actor with a well-rounded CV. Thanks again!
— Robin Johnson, Actress
Hi Emily! I just wanted to thank you again for today. I could not have asked for a better person to go to for my 1st “legit” headshot taking experience in YEARS! You were an absolute joy to meet and be ‘shot’ by.

Emily is a ROCKSTAR! Best way to put it. I could not be happier with the photos she took, and she was truly an utter joy to work with! So happy I listened to my buddy’s glowing review of her!
— Nate Begle, Actor/Puppeteer
Hi Emily and Brad,
I wanted to say thank you for working with me a few weeks ago on headshots!! It was a joy to work with both of you.
Brad- After the session I bought the two shades of Estee Lauder foundation you recommended and it’s AMAZING. I was hesitant about having to combine shades but this was a game changer. Thank you so much for recommending this!! I loved chatting about skincare and make up tips :P
Emily - you made the process so comfortable easy, and fun!
I love how the new headshots turned out... Thanks again to both of you!! You are talented artists and wonderful humans:)
— Luka Oida, Actress
Hi Emily,
How have you been doing these days?
I am actually getting much bigger gigs already since I am back in USA because of these pictures of yours.
I so appreciate you and I so wish to work with you soon again!!
Also when you see Brad will you please send love from me. I always wish you two the very best of the best in life and work, and much joy and light!! I’ve spoken so much about you two to my great friends of the artist community. Very fortunate that I worked with you both.
Thank you so much!!!!!!
— Shoko Tamai, Actress/Dancer
Girl I am still reeling from how awesomely today went, and how fantastic you are to work with. I am literally about to tell everyone I know to shoot their next heashots with you. You’re a sassy meowing goddess, and I love ya! Thank you thank you thank you.
— Elena Offerman, Actress
I had such an amazing experience with Emily Lambert Photography today! Emily is wildly professional and fun! Excited to see my new headshots!
— Sheena DiMatteo., Dancer
Emily’s wealth of knowledge and experience makes her one of the best photographers I’ve met yet— with the pictures to match!! Not only was I completely satisfied with my final shots, but I’ve already received a lot of positive feedback from (a few!) agencies and casting directors. I really believe Emily’s headshots have elevated my chances for work, and know that my pictures have a life and vibrancy that truly represents me and stands out amongst the more generic headshots out there. Not only that, but the whole experience with Emily was such fun! Thank you, Emily!
— Amanda Marx, Actress
Emily, I want to thank you for an incredible job on my shots. I’m so thrilled with them and can’t wait to use them. They’re going to do loads for me — I know it.
Thanks again...
— Paul Hinkes, Actor
Hi Emily and Virna,
I just wanted to say thanks again for such a lovely headshot session experience. You both helped me feel so comfortable in my own skin and confident in the way I present myself as an artist, and I simply can’t wait to see how the shots turn out!!
— Grace Oberhofer, Actress/Composer
The headshots are fantastic! I did a small show outside Philly and I was just in the final 8 for the Walnut Street Theater’s apprenticeship. I got tons of compliments for your work today at callbacks! :) You’re a rock star!
— Katherine L., Actress
Emily Lambert!!
You are amazing and I have to thank you again!
I got cast in the very first show I used your headshot for! I am going to say the shot had A LOT to do with it. Your work is amazing and I can’t thank you enough. Cannot wait to litter New York with your work ;)
— Rachel Peterson, Actress
Thanks again for your time and your phenomenal work. I am really happy with the product. Really excited now that I’ve gotten these! You’re awesome!
— Michael T., Actor
These are STUNNING!!! Thank you so much! I am so happy with the way these turned out! I’ve never had a better experience with a photographer or with headshots! You are amazing!
— Maria DeCotis, Actress
Five Stars! I had so much fun during my shoot! I was made to feel very comfortable and secure and the results were fantastic! Emily is professional, knowledgeable, and great fun to work with. All nerves and doubts were removed immediately upon entering such a laid back, safe and productive environment. Emily was incredibly responsive to my particular requirements and personality and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much!
— Harriet Ziebell, Performer
Hey Emily!!! Thank you so much for that photoshoot!! What an awesome experience :)
— Natalie Considine, Actress
Had an amazing photo session today with Emily Lambert Photography. If you’re looking for a real actor’s photographer who can bring “it” out of you as though your favorite director is whispering the direction in your ear, then look no further. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Please “like” her page and help get the word out.
— Jonathan Emerson, Producer/Actor
I’m absolutely IN LOVE with these photos. I’m so glad I found you!
— Brittany V. Green, Actress
Emily!!! Thank you again so much for a wonderful shoot! I couldn’t be more excited about my pictures! You really have such a wonderful energy, give great direction, and are a joy to work with...! Seriously have never felt so relaxed at a headshot shoot. You’re awesome! Hope to work with you and the dream team again! :-)
— Pamela Rose Rodriguez, Actress/Singer
Yes Yes!!... Emily, these are all so fantastic! I love love love them! I want to say a huge THANK YOU for our entire shoot. I’m really happy with the photos... You really met me where I was and made it so comfortable and easy. I really had a great time. It was such a pleasure to meet you as well. You’re such a neat person.
— Laura Barbiae, Actress
Hi Emily!
I really wanted to thank you wholeheartedly again for the amazing shots you gave me a few months ago and tell you just how much they have helped me.
Before your shots, I was auditioning maybe once every three weeks, which was fine because I was a student and adjusting to NYC still and blah blah blah.
Since your shots, I have been auditioning about twice a week, sometimes three. I have been in for several of the major casting directors and networks in the city, who I would have never even thought I could be called in for without paying for a class with them including HBO (Barden/Schnee, Kathleen Chopin) and Law and Order. Last month I booked and shot Redrum, one of those true crime reenactments on Investigation Discovery, and this past Tuesday I booked and shot a commercial for Samsung. The commercial will be released on all major forms of media in South Korea and possibly all over internationally depending on how much they like it.
In other words this is not about me telling you what I have been up to lately, but really to thank you thank you for giving me the crucial tool I needed to get me through the door into the audition. I see now how that is truly one of the hardest steps in the process!
I hope you have been well and I am sure since we worked together you have totally helped several more performers as well. Keep in touch and I hope we run into each other soon. You rock,
— Maggie Borlando, Actress
It was amazing to work with you too. You are so fun and full of positive energy that shooting was a blast. The headshots were a success at my graduation showcase last week. Also, a lot of the other students at Strasberg love them and couldn’t believe how much I had paid for them. They’ve paid close to a thousand dollars for headshots that really aren’t as good. I just booked the lead in an indie short film this week, so that’s exciting!
— Natalie Faye, Actress
Emily, Wow. These past two weeks have been extremely difficult, as it has taken me this long to narrow down the options! I have fortunately had tons of support and feedback on these pictures, and you need to know how much I love them. They are awesome! I cannot begin to express how much fun I had with you during this seemingly stressful thing that people do. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I just want to thank you for being so kind, welcoming, and inspirational for me. It made the session so smooth and easy! I appreciate you sharing your personal life experiences, taste in music, and crazy OCD fixations with me! (And your sea salt and vinegar chips, face wash, and sunscreen!) Again, thank you for an unforgettable time. If I ever need more shots, I will come back to you in a heartbeat. I have already suggested you to my classmates and friends here at school. Lots of friends/professors said that the images are so great that they don’t seem to need much editing at all. That’s a result of your master handy work!
— Alex Drost, Actor
Hey you guys!! (Emily and Brad Laskey)
I just had to email you and thank you both again for such an amazing shoot yesterday. Honestly it was such a pleasure working with you both. The atmosphere you both created was such a fantastic mix of fun and professional. I had such a great time!!! I hope you both have a great weekend and I hope we can all work together again soon!
— Liz Stiles, Actress
Oh my goodness, Emily. You are a WIZARD and I am absolutely enamored with the headshots!!!!!! Which is why it’s taken me three weeks to write to you, because I have been agonizing over these shots, WOW is it hard to narrow things down. How are any of your clients ever able to choose??
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU again for such an incredibly fun shoot!!!!!
— Katherine Paulson, Actress
Hi Emily,
Thank you so much for today — there’s such a stigma about getting headshots done, but we had so much fun!
— Chris Andrae, Actor
Thank you, Emily!!!! I had such a great time shooting with you and am super happy with the shots! You made me feel so comfortable, and I think got the best out of me FOR SURE.
Please let’s keep in touch.
Soooo I’m getting my color touched up today and showed my stylist the shots you took. She flipped out saying “whoever took that shot is amazing...”etc. Seriously. I’ve never been this happy with my headshots. ❤
— Elizabeth Inghram, Actress
Amazing Emily!!!
I am so excited to get these images. I can’t tell you what an inspiration the work we did together has been for me. I’ve gotten the most amazing feedback from people and personally I feel this huge surge of confidence at being able to present myself to the world in the same way that I actually see myself.
You do magic Emily. And I am so so so so grateful to have found you!!! ....You have been nothing but a joy.
Best wishes and much thanks xo
— Kristen Kittel, Actress
Hi Emily, I hope your doing great. I wanted to reach out and let you know the continued positive response I have gotten from our headshot session a few years back. It’s easily the best response I’ve ever gotten from head shots and wanted to share the love. Even last night people were stopping me and complimenting me at an engagement. I recommend you to any actor who asks and when the time comes for new ones (these have done so well for me) I’ll be sure to reach out. Thanks again.
— Evan Leone, Actor
Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love...
— Megan Gaber, Actress
Just got the email and I haven’t even looked at the proofs yet, but I wanted to thank you both again for making my experience so wonderful. I know we got just the right shot; a few dozen times over. Emily and Brad (makeup artist): You rock. Endless hugs.
— Kathleen Burke, Actress
Hi Emily! I truly cannot thank you enough, these look absolutely incredible!!! It was honestly my pleasure getting to work with you and I certainly hope to do so again in the future! I can truly say it was so much fun and I felt so comfortable and relaxed. I really appreciate your work and your dedication! Until then I will continuously recommend all my friends to you!
— Logan Marks, Actor
Thanks again for such a great shoot yesterday Emily- it was so fun and so special for me!
— Jennifer MacNeill, Actress
Hello Emily and Carl (assistant),
Thank you both so much for working with me this week. Emily...you are such a pleasure to work with. You made the process fun and stress free. Carl...thank you for setting up the wonderful appointment!
Until soon,
— Molly Sonsteng, Actress
Hey Emily it’s Chris. Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful shoot. Truly the most fun I’ve had with head shots.
— Chris Aguila, Actor
Hi Emily!
I just received the link to the photos, and oh my goodness! I cannot thank you enough. I was nervous opening and my nerves quickly dissipated. I never in a million years thought I would have the problem of having too many to choose from! Thank you for helping me to enjoy this experience.
— Isabelle Russo, Actress
Hi Emily!
If anyone Rocks it’s you. I had a great time working with you again and your talent is inspiring.
Thank you so much!
— Jeff Jackter, Actor
Hey guys!!
Hope all is well :) I just wanted to tell you that I’ve gotten SUCH positive reactions to my headshots and more auditions!! It wouldn’t have happened without your amazing talents and kindness and I just wanted to say thank you SO much.
Take care :)
— Nikita Tewani, Actress
Hi Emily! I just wanted to thank you for your amazing headshots and photography skills! I booked my first professional tour and will be going on tour in January. This would not have been possible without your incredible shots!
Thank you thank you thank you! And Happy Holidays :-)
— Lisette Santiago, Actress
Thanks for being so wonderful to work with. You are a genuinely sweet and lovely lady.
— Maria Zadrima, Actress
Hey Emily!
Thanks again for the work today. It was amazingly fun and productive! I really enjoyed working with you and getting to know you!
— Nabil Traboulsi, Actor
Hi Emily!
I received the email with the link and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my shots!!! Thanks again for such a wonderful experience and fabulous shots!! Best to Brad (Laskey) too!
— Carol Landis, Actress
OMG Emily!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED them!!!!!
These will help me book so much jobs!!!!!!
Have a fun Holliday! Let me know if you are close to Saugerties....I will take you out for lunch!!!
— Talita Seplavy, Actress
Thanks so much these look GORGEOUS :) I’m super excited to go through these :) I had such an amazing time with you and Brad and will shout your praises to the universe!
— Tiffany Trainer, Actress
Hi Emily,
I just wanted to thank you so much for making me feel comfortable during our session! I really enjoyed myself and loved your energy. I can’t wait to see the shots.
— Dustin Bronson, Actor
I had the BEST time with Em and Brad yesterday…. it was an incredible experience.
All love,
— Nicol Moeller, Actress
Hello Emily,
Just wanted to thank you for Hannah’s amazing headshot session yesterday. I appreciate all the time you spent with her make up, hair, and her pictures. All of your attention to details certainly show in her amazing photos. They are gorgeous! We are already spreading the word to everyone we know who needs head shots.
Thanks again Emily!
— Lisa Forsley for Hannah Forsley, Actress
Hey hey -
Hope you’re doing well!
Just wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail... everyone I have met with loves my head shots. Like, everyone. I just signed with TalentWorks, and they love them, too. I really think they are setting me apart from a lot of other people when I am getting submitted for roles, so THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Thanks for everything again!
— Brynne McManimie, Actress
Hi Emily!
They came out so beautiful!!!!! Honestly, it was such a pleasure working with you and Bradley! I am having such a hard time picking two haha... I am definitely picking more than two in the next few months because they are just so beautiful.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending these to me, they turned out so beautiful, and it was such an honor to work with you and Brad. I would love to work with you both soon, and thank you so much for letting me work with you both.
— Rachel Worrell, Actress
Hi Emily!
Thank you for such a fun shoot last week! I seriously had a blast during what can be a stressful experience.
Thanks so much!
— Alex Berenbaum, Actress
Hi Emily (& Carl),
Just wanted to thank you again for a great shoot last week! Truly enjoyed meeting you, had so much fun, felt like a glorified hang session...
I received my shots and they look so great! ...def. have a bunch of options to go with, very happy! ...Tough calls, I like so many of them. You direct attention to the eyes so well...love the backgrounds in contrast to the my wardrobes too!
Be in touch, you rock!
— Jason Daunno, Actor
Hi again guys!
Miss me? Lol. But really THANK YOU SO MUCH! Today was SUCH a pleasant experience and it was a perfect way to start my day! These shots are gonna be awesome I can feel it, and it’s all because of you two! Hopefully I can come back and work with you two again in the future for my next shots?!
All the love,
— Corinne Davis, Singer/Actress
Thank you for making what can be a scary process one of the most fun days I’ve had in a while. I just LOVED working with you and the photos are gorgeous!! So thrilled in every way.
Thank you so so so so so much.
— Sarah Hayon, Actress
Hi Emily!
Thank you so much for your work on these. I’ve received fantastic feedback on them from my teachers, classmates, and friends. And I feel such an edge of confidence going into the year ahead, armed with these tools of our collaboration.
It was such a pleasure working with you! Thanks so much for guiding me along the process. Wishing you all the best in work and life alike.
— Hannah Myers, Actress
THESE PHOTOS ARE FREAKING AMAZING. I wanted to thank you so much! I’m really glad that I have a manager who picked for me because I honestly don’t know how I would have chosen without their help. They LOVED them, everyone who has seen them has LOVEEEEED them! You are magic!
— Molly Brown, Actress
I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many great ones I don’t know how I’m going to choose!!!!!! You are a goddess!
— Jessica Appel, Actress
SHIT these are STUNNING! I haven’t had a chance to really soak it all in yet but at first glance I am super super happy with how they came out. You were great to work with & really boosted my confidence. Can’t wait to work with you again THANK YOU
— Eliza Kingsbury, Actress
Hello Emily!
I’m still reeling from that amazing session earlier today. You made everything fun and breezy and it was just great. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work, and I hope upon hope we work together again, so all I can really say is thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU for everything!
Be well, talk to you soon!
— Ed Rosini, Actor
I am in FUCKING LOVE WITH THESE!! Thank you so much! It was so fun working with you and the pictures are stunning.
Thank you again <3
— Mary Kate Zavotsky, Actress
Thank you Emily!!! These are perfection!!! I couldn’t be happier with the result :) MWAH!! <333 You’re the best!
— Kayla Conroy, Actress
I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work, patience and really great coaching today. It was a first for me and I greatly appreciate your true professionalism. Take care and stay safe,
— John Cody, Actor
Emily, I am SCREAMING! Thank you so much, I absolutely love these! Both you and Jennifer are amazing, thank you again for everything!! I can’t wait to use these!
— Moire Kiyingi, Actress
Hi Emily,
— Spencer Pargas, Actress
I truly cannot thank you enough!! I lovvvve my new headshots and had such a wonderful experience. You and Brad are SO fun and lovely. The shots look GORGEOUS, and I am overjoyed.
Thank you a million times
— Erin Noll, Actress
Hi Emily!
Thank you again for your amazing work. I’m already getting 300x more auditions than I was with my old shots. I’m so excited for the future and look forward to keeping in contact with you!
— Kimberly Singh, Actress
Thank you so much! You were so great to work with and knew just what to say to make me feel comfortable and ready to take on the next step. I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience!
— Dakota Librescu, Actor
These are AMAZING! I never like myself in photos like this, and I am so happy with them. To say I’m happy that I chose you is an understatement. Thank you for making me feel professional and confident. You are very talented at what you do. I can’t wait to use them and post them!
— Victoria Dmitriev, Actress
I know this probably usually comes AFTER people receive their photos, but from what I’ve seen I am so so happy and I’ll probably email you again then, too.
Thank you both for SUCH a fun day yesterday- you both are absolutely lovely/funny/smart humans and beyond good at what you do. I really wish getting monthly headshots was a thing so I could have a repeat of yesterday more often!!
Hope you’re both having a wonderful end of your weekend and that some frose is in your near future.
— Liz Erardi, Actress
Hi Emily,
Thanks so much for these photos - I usually do have pretty harsh judgments of myself (everyone is their own worst critic) but I have never felt more comfortable and amazing in front of a camera, and the photos prove it. Not to brag but I look, um, AMAZING????? The hardest part has been narrowing it down!
— Jesse Lyn Harte, Actress
Thank you so much!!!
This photos are incredible amazing!!!!
You are the best photographer ever!!!!
I don’t know which ones to choose. They are all so good!
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
— Lulu Severny, Actress
Hi Emily!
Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for my headshot session last week. I felt comfortable, and confident, and I learned more about branding and imaging in three hours with you than I did in my entire grad school experience. Thank you for making me feel seen, valued, and managing to accomplish both what I asked for, and what you knew would be better for me.
ALSO, you asked me to update you on the musical audition I ran off to after your shoot - and I got a callback! (WHAT?) After a decade without any musical theater auditions, I have to credit YOU with some of that success. You were right - if you walk in confident, they already want to hire you.
Anyways, thank you for all that you are and all that you do. I can’t wait to see the shots!
— Kathryn Metzger, Actress
Ahhhhh! I looove them!
I’m seriously thrilled with them. Like...adore them.
How. To. Choose?!
Gin will help with this decision for sure.
I must share some immediately. THE WORLD MUST SEE THE WONDER!!!
— Larissa Gritti, Actress
Hi Emily,
Thank you so so much for these! I can’t tell you how excited I was about literally every image and how happy I am that I shot with you!! I’ll probably order a couple more of the other other looks in the next few weeks. Seriously could not be happier :)
— Deborah P. Rose, Actress
I’m dying right now looking at these. They are AMAZING. For the first time I feel like they truly show who I am right now. Thank you SO SO much. You were a dream team! Xx
— Alyson Lange, Actress