How do I book my session with you, Emily?

Click Book, then select the type of appointment you are interested in: Headshots: New York City, Headshots: Los Angeles, or Brand Photography Session. The calendar will prompt you for the rest! If you are interested in a different type of appt. not listed, feel free to email directly. 

What's your philosophy when it comes to headshots?

I believe headshots for actors are very different than 'beautiful portraiture'. Too often they are combined or confused. Too often actors focus on their looks only. Headshots, to me, are a practical business tool to help encourage others to see your energy and what you uniquely bring to a role. They should not be focused solely on looks, and beauty. If you are interested in gaining 'beautiful portraiture', not actors headshots, then I suggest booking a branding session with me.

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How far in advance do I need to book my session?

Generally, I book out about six to eight weeks in advance. However, I do take appointments as early as 24 hours out, just ask, and if I'm free, I'll be happy to book you in!  Please inquire with the necessary information listed above, and we'll pick the best day together.

What days of the week do you shoot and what times?

Please check the online calendar for available appointment times. Sessions are typically offered Monday thru Friday at both 8 or 9am and 1 or 2pm, depending on the season. Usually, I am retouching and processing on my weekends, so most shoots are offered on weekdays.

Do you do group discounts?

I do not offer group discounts. Spending quality and ample time with each client is way more important to me than quantity of clients. I'd rather spend a full session to get to know each client that I work with, so that our experience together can be relaxed, memorable, and what we achieve together is specific and thoughtful to each clients' individual needs.

What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be made at least 96 hours in advance of your scheduled booking time. If cancellation is made in less than 96 hours or you are a no-show, your deposit will be forfeit, despite whether you plan on rebooking or not.

Please note there are no re-shoots or refunds.

I have some additional questions, would I be able to meet with you before booking?

Of course! If you have had some bad experiences in the past with photographers or you just are overwhelmed with questions, lets meet! We can sit down for an hour or so at a convenient coffee shop and discuss all your inquiries! Have a ton of questions regarding what you should wear, how or where should your hair and makeup be done? For these inquiries I suggest an Image Consultation. Please see the Rates page for details.

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