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Headshot Workshop: The Essentials, Part 1

Want to make the most out of your next headshot session?

As they say, "Practice makes perfect", and that's exactly what we are going to do!

Join me for an evening of positivity and Prosecco, as I walk you through step by step on how to achieve the most out of your next photoshoot!

Joined by special guest and entertainment branding expert, Lori Kay of Prevail Artist Management!

We'll cover the following:

Understanding branding      • Gaining confidence      • Casting secrets



Headshot Workshop:

The Essentials, Part 1


Get ready for an evening of pure positivity!

Are you a seasoned veteran but your headshot still can't crack the code?

Why aren't you getting called in to more auditions?

Maybe you're brand new to headshots and don't know what to expect when you're in front of the lens...

Whether you're a seasoned pro or brand new to headshots, this short course is designed to walk you through how to best prepare for your next session, and how to feel the most comfortable and confident in front of the lens!

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Why knowing your 'brand' is so important to creating eye catching images.
  • Learning to bring your 'brand' into the room.
  • What casting directors are looking for in your headshot.
  • How to get past your insecurities and give the best expressions.
  • The top 5 mistakes almost every actor makes in front of the lens.
  • Tips and tricks to looking great in front of the lens, no matter WHO is taking the picture!

What to expect:


With a little relaxation, laughter, encouragement, and Prosecco, each student who wishes to will get a chance to get up in front of the lens and practice the techniques they learn. I'll be coaching gently from the side and providing lots of tips and encouragement!

I'll also have special guest and branding expert, Lori Kay from Prevail Artist Management cheering (and drinking) along with you!

We'll be going over the essential tips and tricks that it takes to produce eye catching, interesting and 'brand specific' images, that are guaranteed to get you better results from your next photoshoot, no matter who the photographer is!


Take aways:

You'll walk away with more clarity and direction on what casting directors are looking for when they are viewing your headshots. As well as more confidence on how to interact with the lens the next time you are in front of it!

Don't worry about showing up and looking nice to this class, you won't be taking home any images of your self after this course. I want you to feel as relaxed as possible, so that you can learn and 'make mistakes' without feeling self conscious about a final product! This is a chance to be free and to experiment with techniques that you'll be learning in class! So feel free to roll up in your gym clothes or sweats for all I care!


Why this course?

All too often I have actors tell me how nervous they are when they walk into a photoshoot. If you have ever worried what the experience will be like, or wondered how you can get better results in front of the lens, or if you are just chronically anxious about the process, you are the reason I wanted to bring this course to life.

I always wish I could alleviate those fears on the spot, but I also know that it takes time and practice to be comfortable in front of a camera. And paying for photoshoots over and over again just to feel comfortable or get the results you are looking for is costly and frustrating.

Let go of past headshot 'mistakes', let go of anxiety, and start to feel more confident in front of any camera! 

As they say, "Practice makes perfect!"


About the details:

A detailed location confirmation will be sent upon booking, outlining course location and what materials to bring.

Seats are limited to a total of 12 guests.

Tickets: $50