Where do shoots take place?

Please let us know what kind of shoot you are interested in, and where you'll be traveling from. Outdoor shoot locations are determined by the light, time of day, and what you, the client, is in need of achieving. Most shoots take place in Brooklyn around my studio. Studio sessions take in my studio at 1000 Dean St., Brooklyn.

What happens if I book with you in advance and it rains or snows on my chosen day?

Don't worry! It happens. If you are planning on shooting outdoors, please let us know when you book your session. Most of the time, if it rains or falls below 50degrees, we move to shoot in studio. If you are not flexible to move indoors, you will need to keep us in the loop with your decision to postpone your session to another day. Please give us as much notice as possible! Or, we'll stay in communication leading up to the day you are scheduled to shoot, and see if we can proceed. If it rains a bit, we'll be just fine. If it pours, we will need to reschedule.

What are the best weather conditions for my photoshoot?

For headshots, outdoor shoots are only offered when temperatures are above 50 degrees, and no snow or rain of course. If temperatures are acceptable, make sure that you are planning your shoot on a day with temperatures that YOU can withstand with whatever clothing options you choose to bring. For branding sessions, bright and sunny days are fine, or overcast, we'll work with the shadows on a sunny day, they can work for you in a positive way, or the blanket white light of an overcast day. Just like headshot sessions, make sure that you can withstand the temp in whatever clothing options you choose to bring. Rain is a no go, however, if you think you can stand a cold shoot, we can work with snow as a fantastical element in your session!